Unusual Photography

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This photo is of Burney Falls as it normally appears. But slap an infrared filter on your digital (if you have one with a ccd imaging chip that is senstive to infrared) and get effects like the pics below!
THIS is another place I travel to when I want to roam.
McArthur/Burney Falls near Burney California.

One day thousands of years ago, a lava flow blocked a major river's flow. But water always finds a way around,
and through the years, water percolated through, and the river found its way over and through the rock.
The water eroded away the weaker rock and formed a fall that drops 129 feet down into a beautiful pool of shimmering blue green water. The resulting waterfall is a breathtaking sight to behold as the water flows over it and on down into Lake Britton.

Using a digital camera and a special infrared filter creates an almost other wordly effect known as Digital Infrared! A slow shutterspeed shows the flow of the water over the rocks.

One night I hiked down to the bottom of the falls late at night to photograph the falls by moonlight. The resulting image looks like it was taken during the day in the fog...but it was at night by the light of the silvery full moon.

Beautiful cascades of water looking like milk!

Even the moss on the rocks turns white!

Lake Britton