About Me

Hi, very nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my webpage.
I have been a photographer for over 20 years...creating and learning
as I go and still learning:-)

I enjoy it very much and I think it keeps me focused on what I think
is important. Nature gives me strength and creating gives me a sense
of self and a purpose; self-expression can be a great communication tool.
I am someone who enjoys beauty...in whatever form it may take...in a
bird's wings or in a lover's eyes...it holds me and I am in awe of it.

So I try to share a little of it with others...
Nature brings me closest to a feeling of contentment...the only time
I really don't feel alone, because "out there" are things yet undiscovered,
and for me..discovery is life!

I am happiest when I am "out there".... I'd love to spend all my time out
in nature...taking pictures; watching the light,
and trying to find the best way to portray the beauty I see on film.
Unfortunately, like everyone else...I have a full time job doing something
completely different. I like my job, and of course the money I am paid to
do it helps me buy film and support my habit!
How many of you out there do the same thing?

If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd quit my job and get in my car and drive off
and photograph everything that looked interesting.
I see things every day I'd like to stop and photograph...but time..ahhhhh time
Someday though....someday...I'll travel more and wish less:-)
Thanks for visiting....

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